Born in Texas, I grew up in Indiana and emigrated to Israel just months before the first Gulf War in 1990. I was drafted into the IDF and served for decades as an infantry combat medic, but never figured out who to salute and when. Keep that in mind if I act strangely during Zoom calls.

I am a writer by nature. It's always been how I express myself best. I’ve been writing stories, letters, journals, songs, and poems since I could pick up a pencil, but it took me forever to figure out that I could get paid for it. Call me slow.

Today, I’m a professional writer. I’m also an award-winning published novelist, whose work has been translated into multiple languages, a blogger, and a musician who just released my first album.

And following my wife’s passing after giving cancer one hell of a fight, I’m also a full-time single dad for three incredible young adults – all of whom clearly recognize that I’m amazingly cool even though they vigorously deny it.